The aim is to support talented young Londoners ready to enter the creative workforce.

Young London is vibrant and exciting but there is a danger that the new opportunities opening-up will not be grasped by the next generation of talent because they do not have the ‘soft-skills’, the technical competence or the networks for accessing the changing world of work.

We’re developing the personal and professional mindsets, behaviours and skills they need but it’s your help that will ensure their creative success

Who we work with

  • We particularly welcome individuals who are underrepresented in industry including women, people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds and people living with disabilities.
  • Our programmes are selective and participants must show drive and commitment.
  • Experience is not a pre-requisite; positive attitudes, curiosity and a willingness to collaborate are encouraged.

In 2017/18...

  • 1,726 Young Londoners have received 1-1 advice and coaching
  • 570 Young Londoners have completed one of our training programmes
  • 350 Young Londoners have been supported into long-term employment, of which:
  • 1 in 3 became apprentices
  • More than 1 in 3 were claiming benefits before they started employment
  • 2 in 3 identified as being from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background
  • 17% of those achieving employment in 2016, identified as having a disability (6% above the national average).