Celebrate with us the graduation of our Podcasting programme, class of '20


Before we showcase some of the amazing work created by the young people who took part, we want to highlight just a few bits from the six weeks when they were on the course.

Programme Officer Lucy gave us a mid-way catchup session after the cohorts settled into the programme. In it, she told us about a session with guest speakers David Speed & Adam Brazier from Creative Rebels.

Artist and host, David Speed, spoke about the importance of building rapport with people before inviting them on to your platform as it creates authenticity.

David empathised that building a relationship creates a natural flow between the host and the guest speaker which helps engage the audience better into the discussions that come up when creating a podcast.

We also had an international industry professional Sutanya Dacres join us from the podcast, Dinner for One. Sutanya spoke about how to deal with a hugely personal subject in a podcast and shared wise words with the group

“finding things that are specific to your experience mixed with universal references” helps break things down and helps hosts to connect with their audiences.

Before wrapping up the programme there was an inspirational talk on MONEY + USP and MAKING IT PAY with Steve Ackerman (Somethin’ Else), Nya Rayburn (Acast), and Ruth Fitzsimons (Podfront). They taught the group how to become a professional in the podcasting industry and how to stand out from the crowd.

Through the sessions, the young people learnt everything from production, presenting, editing to growing a following. They also learnt how to work towards a live brief which was set by Reebok on a project titled 'Write Your Legacy'.

The group explored ways to use their voices as a social movement by sharing their past, present and ways to shape the future.

Here are just a few of our favourite podcasts created by our participants as they responded to a live brief ‘Write your legacy’ set by Reebok:

Noride Childs


‘Lockdown Legends: Lasagne’

Genre: Comedy

One girl. One massive lasagne. 

But will it all go to plan? 

Follow the peaks and pitfalls of the construction of a very big pasta dish in Wembley stadium.

Nina Bowers


‘The Flow: An Afrofuturist Adventure Podcast’

Genre: Fiction

When Zora discovers a dark secret about her heritage, she pursues an extreme escape by attempting to follow in the footsteps of Funkadelic pioneers Bootsy Collins and George Clinton.

Paula Nimaro


‘The Old Gasworks: Not gone, not forgotten’

Genre: Documentary

Host Paula Nimaro begins to explore her local area, Southall, and the legacy of itsmigrant working-class community.

Visit our online virtual gallery to watch all the work created by our Podcasting team:

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Virtual Gallery