Partner with Create Jobs and be a part of the change.

Ways to partner with us:

  • Programme partner / sponsor
    For brands, organisations and businesses that would like to have a deeper impact. This is your opportunity to co-create something bespoke that puts you at the heart of the young people’s experience.
  • Mentoring
    For individuals who’d like to help a young person progress. The mentoring offer is run in partnership with Meet a Mentor, Berkeley Homes and Time Inc. UK.
  • Recruitment
    For employers looking for a new talent pool to recruit from. Find out more >
  • Opportunity / job placement provider
    For businesses offering valuable placements to those at the start of their career.
  • Content & training partner
    E.g. Setting briefs, hosting workshops, talks and studio visits.

Reasons to partner with us:

  • Fulfil CSR or philanthropic aims by supporting emerging local talent
  • Naming rights - Talent Programme supported in association with your company name
  • Brand visibility to a new audience
  • Access to multimedia content
  • Employee and client engagement programme
  • Mentoring for employees, including training + facilitation by Create Jobs
  • Masterclasses + workshops delivered at your offices
  • Prominent visibility on marketing materials
  • Access to focus groups + new diverse talent
  • Co-designed industry standard content
  • Bespoke recruitment
  • Pastoral care for employees and employers

Once you’ve picked the route that’s right for you, our team will work with you to bring your interaction to life.

Contact Fran Plowright, Create Jobs Partnerships Manager: