Meet a Mentor is a four-month pre-employment mentoring programme for 18-26 year olds.

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Meet a Mentor is a four-month pre-employment mentoring programme for 18-26 year olds seeking entry to the creative and digital industries, delivered by School of Logical Progression (SLP) in partnership with Create Jobs.

We are delighted to be launching the third iteration of this programme and hosting the first of our four evening sessions at Somethin’ Else. Other sessions in this phase will take place at Reading Room, Somerset House and Made by Many.

Through a structured series of workshops and meetings, mentors will offer mentees support, encouragement and advice on how to get that bit closer to employment in their chosen field in the creative and digital industries.

The evenings are structured sessions comprising time for the mentor and mentee to spend together working on the mentee’s goals, a group task led by a creative professional - e.g. creative problem solving, pitching & presenting techniques, digital skills training that all take part in, and end on a short ted-type talk from an inspirational speaker who has a tale to tell about their job and their journey to get there.

School of Logical Progression’s Meet a Mentor programme was created in response to the lack of diversity within the creative industries. In 2016, Creative Industries Federation reported that there BAME workers made up 11.4% of the workforce in the creative industries but the average BAME workforce for a sector should stand at 17.8% to match the diversity of the population in London. It is clear that there is still work to do to redress this balance.

Our first two programmes have been very successful and found 8 mentees internships, roles and work experience within the creative industries at companies such as:

Feedback from the sessions has also been positive:

“It’s been such a short period of time since I’ve been on this programme, and already it’s been so productive. They need to run programmes like this in schools.”

“Meet a Mentor was really helpful to me. It helped me build my confidence and helped me come out of my comfort zone.”

“This is very special and important work. What a great evening. I’m so glad you asked me to be part of this”

Mentors don’t need to have had previous experience of mentoring and there is no obligation to do anything outside of the structured sessions though if a bond develops and that naturally evolves then that is up to the mentor/mentee pairing.

We’re delighted to announce that mentors on board for this phase are:

  • Jane Austin (Persuasion PR)
  • Kate Brindley (Nicholas Kirkwood)
  • Nikita Chuaun, Nan Davies and Paul Ruston (Somethin’ Else)
  • Dan Gaba (Wall St Journal)
  • Amy Jones (The Pool)
  • Louise Nindi (Freelance Event Producer)
  • Adam Sefton (Reading Room)
  • Caroline Taylor (Silverspace Pillows)
  • Matthew Taylor (Freelance Shoe Designer Paul Smith, Puma Select)
  • Oliver Franklin-Wallis (Wired)
  • Sophie Hewlett (Somerset House)

Dates and times for the Spring – Summer 2017 programme are:

  • Tuesday 25th April 2017
  • Tuesday 16th May 2017
  • Wednesday 14th June 2017
  • Wednesday 12th July 2017

All sessions start at 18.15 and end at 20.45.

See links for more info on the 2017 programme, the pilot 2016 programme and blogs written by one of our mentors and one of our mentees.

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