Creativity in Tech Masterclass

Create Jobs + Thoughtworks

Can a career in technology be creative, innovating and rewarding? We're finding out!

Join Create Jobs and ThoughtWorks for a night dedicated to bringing the creative side of tech and digital to life. Shining a light on unconventionally creative careers that thrive off of innovative individuals.

Talks Include:

Nina McNamara, Senior Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks @ninamcnamara

Nina has experience of working in FashTech from her time at Net-A-Porter, House of Fraser and Vogue. Chandeliers, exaggerated tailoring and endless references to Mean Girls is just half the story. Nina’s insider guide to the fashion industry will reveal personal experiences, dispel myths and explain why FashTech isn’t just for the sartorially minded.

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO and Co-Founder of Vastari Group | @bjkbrocker

"Do What You Love, Love What You Do"

How do you go from being an immigrant Dominican illustrator and Art History Masters' graduate to running a business in London facilitating hundreds of museum exhibitions a year around the world? Bernadine Brocker Wieder discusses her story, as she identified a problem in the art world that needed solving, and worked on proving it on evenings and weekends before launching Vastari to the public in January 2013.

Chris Moore, Principal Business Analyst at ThoughtWorks
Chris has a BA degree and hosts this workshop to help us realise how creativity can play a very big part in our day to day jobs.

WHEN: Thursday 2nd March 6.30PM

WHERE: 76 Wardour street, Soho, London, W1F 0UR (ThoughtWorks)

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