Enterprise Bootcamp

Bootstrap Company

The role

Enterprise Bootcamp is a pioneering programme to equip young entrepreneurs with the tools to startup. It provides young people with a 10 week accredited enterprise programme. It is designed to be approachable in a language that focuses on developing confidence and the technical suite of skills required to start up a business. The programme has been developed by Bootstrap & Peabody over a number of years, with master classes that cover the core elements of a ‘business plan’ and are accredited by Peabody with an OCN Level 2 business qualification.

The project is run at Bootstrap in Hackney, and combines a range of support:

  • Weekly enterprise workshops.
  • Mentoring from industry professionals.
  • Accredited business management qualification.
  • Desk space at Bootstrap.
  • Events & Networking Opportunities.
  • Links to funders.
  • OCN Level 2 Award in Advanced Business Management.
  • Pitch for funding and free workspace.

Entrepreneurs are partnered with a Bootstrap tenant mentor who helps to guide them on their journey. Bootstrap also organise a range of networking events, pitching events & guest talks to connect with as many exciting people as possible:

  • A speed dating style event to help best determine which mentor, mentee pairings we should be aiming to set.
  • A weekly 1 hour (or more) mentoring session to support the young entrepreneur’s decision making, confidence and communication skills. A fantastic opportunity to reach new local networks and get inspired about different careers and sectors. This will start mid-course and carry on through to past the end of the programme to offer continued support.
  • ‘Dragons den style’ pitching event to independent panel of impartial judges. Five minute pitches for small start up grants. Celebration dinner with all young entrepreneurs and mentors.

What therefore differentiates Enterprise Bootcamp is that it isn’t just a master class programme; it also provides the infrastructure and support required to be able to follow through and start up a business. It empowers and gives the skills and knowledge to succeed but also helps breakdown the barriers to entry by enabling access to finance, connections and networking with highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur mentors all under one roof.

How to apply

The programme will run on Wednesday afternoons from February 21st to April 28th. You must be 18-25 years old.

Apply here.