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Marketing, Advertising and Communications Intern

About the Programme

Harbour’s Fellowship Programme will run for 1 year (October 2021 – September 2022) with the first 6 months as part of the Kickstart Scheme.

We will take on 3 interns who will each rotate between 3 different member agencies throughout the year (changing every 4 months).

Agency placements will be assigned according to interns’ preferences wherever possible, although rotation schedules will depend on member agencies’ availability and criteria. We strongly believe that every intern should have the ability to decide and discover their passion in the industry.

The fellowship programme will begin with an induction/initiation period hosted by Harbour and Create Jobs (separately).

There will be an assignment/theme/central purpose underpinning & tying together the entire internship experience. Harbour will then host an event celebrating the end of the fellowship programme, where interns can present their work to the entire collective, showcasing their learnings from the past year.

We aim to offer each intern employment at a Harbour Collective member agency of their choice once the fellowship programme concludes, we just cannot guarantee this in the event of unforeseen commercial circumstances.


Harbour Collective


Remote, London


9am – 6pm Weekdays


£10.85/hr (London Living Wage) + reasonable out of pocket expenses will also be reimbursed

Number of Positions



Mon 27 Sep 21

We are an independent communications consultants at the heart of a collective of 18 specialist agencies. Independent creative, strategic & media thinking.

Harbour exists to help independent agencies work together in mutual self-interest while retaining their independence.

Our members share the belief that the skills required to effectively service clients in the 21st century need to change; collaboration and flexibility are the new watchwords.

Harbour helps its members level the playing field with the larger agency groups and achieve top and bottom line growth.

This fellowship programme is not meant to be specific to one department (e.g. strategy, creative, account management, project management, new business etc.).

The main purpose of this programme is to introduce our interns to the creative industry and give them the chance to realise the various types of career paths and opportunities that are available and possible within marketing, advertising, communications and media.

Interns’ roles are likely to change depending on the member agency they get placed at since all of Harbour Collective’s member agencies specialise in different subgroups of marketing, advertising, communications and media, and client projects will vary throughout the year.

The role is likely to include (but is not limited to) the following tasks:

  • Preparing, editing and drafting spreadsheets, documents and presentations;
  • Insight finding for qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Researching competitor reviews;
  • Liaising with agencies’ clients, suppliers and leaders of Harbour Collective agencies;
  • Planning, organising and helping set up events, shoots, pitches, internal & external meetings;
  • Monitoring social media accounts, publishing blog posts, updating content on company websites, supporting other new business/outreach projects;
  • Attending briefing sessions, training courses and workshops
  • Supporting and shadowing team members from various departments across a wide range of roles and titles (e.g. producers, art directors, planners, copy writers, account executives, events teams, creatives, designers etc.).

You must be aged 16-24 years old, and unemployed and claiming Universal Credit.


No previous qualifications or experience are required for our positions.

In fact, we’re open to candidates who may not have previously considered a career in marketing, advertising or communications either because they aren’t aware of the opportunities, or they feel actively or passively excluded from the industry but truly wish to explore and pursue their passion for creativity.

We’re looking for someone who’s eager to learn, grow and develop the key skills necessary for starting a career within the creative industry.

Key Competencies, Traits and Skills:

  • Dependable, flexible team player who enjoys collaborating and brainstorming;
  • Happy to lend a helping hand wherever/whenever possible no matter the task;
  • Self-motivated, open-minded, quick learner who’s easy to get along with;
  • Demonstrates excellent communication, organisation and time management skills necessary for juggling multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Thinks critically and creatively, has sharp attention to detail;
  • Enjoys a good challenge & feels comfortable taking initiative when appropriate;
  • Keeps calm under pressure and doesn’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.

This programme is being delivered as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

To be eligible to apply you must be aged 18 – 24 and claiming universal credit.

Read more about the Kickstart scheme here.

If you are interested in this position, please talk and inquire about this specific role to your job coach, before the 10:00 am 27th of Sep

Part of Kickstart

This role is offered as part of the government's Kickstart Scheme.

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