Music Work Experience


The role

The intern will receive an overview of the creative process at a critical juncture in ESKA's artistic development and get to work alongside a highly regarded team of business/arts creatives. They will get to meet and know a variety of industry personnel, first-hand. Additionally, ESKA and her team will be on board to advise them with regards to their own professional development.

As this is an opportunity to gain work experience and insight, it is not a job offer and therefore not salaried.


  • Administrative - responding to/writing emails/phone calls on behalf of ESKA/team members that include management, art director, creative producer, recording production team, live production team
  • Creative - running on behalf of ESKA/team members (as above)
  • Online - oversee ESKA's social engagement incl. editing podcasts, updating Spotify playlists etc

About the employer

In this period, ESKA will be completing her 2nd solo album; band recording sessions/rehearsals, photo shoots, video shoot, all culminating in her return to live performance on 18th January 2018 at RichMix, London.

How to apply

Send your CV and cover letter to