An introduction to the world of post production in film, TV and online digital platforms, with Framestore, Untold Studios, The Ridley Scott Group and Splice Post.

Creativity Works: Rushes was a six-week post-production training course which ran from January through March 2019 for fifteen young creatives aged 18-24 from London. Co-designed with industry, this immersive training programme comprised: practical hands-on experience in shooting, directing and content production as well as talks from leading professionals and included creative field trips to companies at the cutting edge of post-production including Framestore, Factory Studios, The Ridley Scott Creative Group, Untold Studios, Big Buoy and Splice Post. The group were given the opportunity to work with Dalston-based award-winning multi-media content producers/photographers Tim&Barry on their grime music series, ‘Lift’. They also received editing training in Adobe Premiere Pro, and a taster workshop in VFX software MAYA at Framestore.


Designed to give a comprehensive overview of the current industry landscape, the programme’s aim was to give practical work experience, technical post-production skills for film and TV, and access to networks, mentors and jobs in the wider film and content production industry. As with all our Create Jobs programmes, the cohort received career and personal effectiveness skills (developing mindsets and soft-skills) as well as CV and interview sessions and the opportunity to apply for our in-house mentoring programme.

Over the arc of the six-week programme the group heard from the best in the industry about what the current landscape looks like, the roles and opportunities available, and the skills and experience required to get a foot in the door.

The group were presented with experiences that pushed new thinking, presented diversity as strength, and encouraged innovation through collaboration. Content included talks with award-winning director Dan Emmerson & Deepa Keshvala, a British-Asian female DOP, Melody Sylvester and team at the Ridley Scott Creative Group showcasing a range of their content and films including one about gender fluidity by Jade Jackman.


We began with a 101 (everything you need to know about post production and VFX) hosted by Amy Smith, Head of Talent at Framestore. This was followed swiftly by our in-house Create Jobs induction to how we work. Next stop was an industry trip to Untold Studios and a tour of their facilities where the group received their industry brief from Founder Darren O’ Kelly.

The brief was to create a series of short 60-90 second films (shot on mobile phones) on the theme What Do Young Londoners Care About?

Over the subsequent weeks, the team received training in best practise story-telling and ‘finding your authentic voice’, as well as hands-on facilitated instruction on how to respond to briefs, idea generation and research (including mood-boards & brainstorming).


Whilst continuously working on their briefs and their own short films – for which the group regularly came together for ‘crits’ on their ideas and progress on production - the programme was peppered with a series of planned industry trips and talks. This included:

Factory Studios – where the group heard from the best in audio sound production - and got the chance to record their own voice overs, as well as tours and talks from experts in grading, offline, online and all aspects of post-production at Splice Post, Big Buoy, Somesuch Films, Execs, Directors, Commissioners, Producers and Runners at Ridley Scott Films. They also heard from Music Video Commissioning Consultant David Knight.

As their deadline drew near the group were supported and encouraged through any last minute concerns and took part in a workshop on creating their own personal brand and presentation skills from Director of Strategy and co-Founder at marketing agency The Park, Will Worsdell.

Finally, it was time to present their work! The screening took place back at Untold Studios in front of an industry panel who gave specialist feedback, commendations and insightful constructive advice to the group.


The films are now up online and can be found here on our YouTube channel, (or watch all of them below):

Since the screening, the group have received follow-up employability training and one-to-one CV and support advice from Kate Higham, Director of Facilities at Splice Post. The group have also met with the Heads of Talent at Channel 4 and Somethin’ Else, and have received help with their applications. Two have gone on to internships at Grey London (one to the newly-launched The Face magazine), and eight of the cohort are on our Meet a Mentor programme and have been assigned mentors from The Face, Untold Studios, RSA Films, Black Dog Films - to name a few.

Lastly but by no means least, the whole experience was topped off by a day trip to Cardiff which included visits to Splice Post, Cloth Cat Animation Studios, BBC Cymru Wales, and the Wales Millennium Centre. You can see a film that Autumn, one of our participants, shot during the trip here:

Here are some industry reflections and quotes:

“The films were insightful, intelligent, personal, political, brave and human it has been a privilege sharing the stage with such an impressive group and indeed being involved in this project from start to finish.” - Darren O’ Kelly Founder at Untold Studios and panellist

They are a very impressive bunch of young creatives, we will be inviting some of them back!” - Melody Sylvester, Exec Producer RSA Films and panellist

...and some participants’ feedback:

“I have especially valued the opportunity of working in a team and the networking opportunity this course has given me not only with those above me in the post production industry but also with my peers.” - Samra Chowdary

‘Thank you for everything, it’s been brilliant to be involved and find a group of like-minded people, we are planning on continuing to work together and support each other in our film making.’ - Ismail Khan

“Loved, working at Tim & Barry’s, gaining confidence in editing and being made to feel welcome in that environment” - Seyi Adaobi

“Great exposure to studios normally hard to access” - Kieran Campbell


Photography by Aidan Isik