Flipside brings together four digital agencies (Beyond, Made by Many, Sennep, ustwo) to co-create an immersive product design training programme.

Flipside is a 12 week, agency-led digital product design training programme, aimed at helping young East Londoners break into the digital industry and start creating digital products.

We believe to be successful at a digital agency you should have the mindsets, skills and behaviours that allow you to see opportunities where others might see problems, be able to create the world you want to be a part of and spark positive change.

Participants get:

  • 3 months of exclusive hands-on training led by some of the best digital agencies in the world
  • Live group projects to build your portfolio
  • A rotating programme with multiple agencies to learn and network with
  • A guaranteed interview for a number of paid placements for those who complete
  • An industry mentor to support you in achieving your goals
  • A training bursary of £200 per week to cover travel, food expenses and a bit extra for the duration of training (up to £2500 for the duration)

Flipside trainees work with 4 different digital agencies who will develop the way you learn, approach problems and find solutions so that you can be the flexible, adaptable and creative trainee that the industry needs.

Regardless of where their interests are, with a flexible and current/relevant approach to training, participants have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, get their hands dirty making real products for real people and establish the groundwork they'll need for a bright future.

The programme was created in collaboration with:2928jpg